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1. I lost my download link. How do I retrieve it?

Visit and submit your purchase email address.

2. How do I update Wonderdraft?

If you have claimed the purchase, go to your Humble Library. Otherwise, use the original download link from the email. Install over the original.

3. I want to publish or sell my maps. Can I?

Yes, as long as the maps are your original creation. There are no additional fees or royalties.

4. I have technical issues. Where do I find help?

The best place to find help is through the Discord chat. The links are located at the top and bottom of this site.

5. I have payment or refund issues. Where do I find help?

The purchases are handled by Humble Bundle. Create a support ticket here

6. Humble doesn't show the latest version, why?

It is likely that an old version is cached on the download page. Clear the cache for Humble Bundle from your browser.

7. My map won't save or export. How do I fix it?

Try the following: A) Change the folder/drive it exports to. B) Disable your antivirus for Wonderdraft. C) Try a small empty map. If that works, then the graphics card is running out of VRAM.

8. Wonderdraft hangs on a blank window. How do I fix it?

Ensure your graphics card supports OpenGL 3. Update your graphics drivers. Make sure the primary monitor is plugged into the dedicated graphics card. If all else fails, visit the Discord chat.